Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Choose your own Path

We start out on a path that has been created for us, each stone picked out and placed by our family, friends and teachers. Once we mature we may start to place the stones on this path ourselves but for the most part we are still receiving them from the same forces that started us on this path. If we are fortunate we realize this and start to choose the stones on our own, but where does this path lead? Is the destination we strive for one of our own choosing or is it one of obligation, persuasion and confusion? We can’t answer this question until we open our minds and look. Look to see what really motivates us along this path and what stimulus dictates the topography of it. This path although not entirely made by us is wonderful. It has gotten us to where we are now and can take us where ever we choose to go. Don't be so hasty as to look to far ahead and not notice the quality of stones you are laying. You may look one day and find you have made yourself a path of hot coals or that of sharp jagged rocks. Slowly pick and choose which stones you would like on your path. Enjoy them and learn from them. Be not too concerned to which direction the path goes for if the stones laid today are ones of love, wonder and creation, your path will always lead you to where you want to go.
Zachery Robert Davis

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